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Offers online courses in the field of irrigation, fertilization and agrotech, as well as consulting and professional training services, with the aim of helping farmers and those engaged in agricultural irrigation, in improving agricultural results and efficiency.

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The courses are intended for those engaged in agriculture and irrigation and are based on professional, objective, unbiased knowledge, accumulated during my 40 years of work as a product manager and project manager in the world’s leading irrigation companies. What course are you interested in?

There are currently nine courses available on the website, the duration of each course ranges from 7 minutes to 15 minutes, each course consists of four to seven lessons. 

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7 lessons 🕙 17 min, Access for 6 months.
Basic concepts in particle filtration, types of filters and their methods of operation, means for diagnosing filtration needs and considerations in choosing an optimal filtration system


Fertigation – Fertilization via Irrigation

5 lessons 🕙 13 min, Access for 6 months.
Theories and best practices in the field of Fertigation. Basic concepts and principles of fertigation, benefits and possible risks, nutrient components and their contribution to the plant. and the six-step process of fertigation.


Considerations and constraints in planning irrigation

6 lessons 🕙 12 min, Access for 6 months.
We will review the main considerations and constraints towards the planning and installation of an irrigation system in the agricultural field. Environmental conditions, soil and climate, water sources, agronomic guidelines, filtration, fertilization, command and control and other technical constraints. Also, we will focus on practical highlights for optimal planning of the irrigation system.

soil water plant

Soil Water Plant relations

6 lessons 🕙 14 min, Access for 6 months.
We will review aspects of soil-water-plant relations relevant to the field of irrigation, what is soil, textures and types of soils
The movement of water in the soil, and the states of water retention in the soil - saturation point, field capacity and absorption point.
Factors affecting water uptake by the plant and water evaporation from the plant. We will also get to know technological tools for measuring the water consumption of the crop and directing irrigation.


Mechanized irrigation planning

4 lessons 🕙 10 min, Access for 6 months.
This course is a continuation course for the mobile irrigation course. Within it we would like to illustrate the principles and tools for mobile irrigation planning using an example case
and we will perform a simulation of irrigation planning with three alternative irrigation methods: linear irrigation machine, swivel around machine and a pivot machine.


Mechanized irrigation

6 lessons 🕙 16 min, Access for 6 months.
What is mechanized irrigation?
Types of mechanized irrigation devices, structure and operation methods. Advantages and disadvantages of linear and pivot machines.
Spraying, control panel, safety and regulation means for mechanized irrigation.


Basic concepts in hydraulics

4 lessons 🕙 10 min, Access for 6 months.
Basic concepts in practical hydraulics in irrigation. Flow, pressure, velocity, standing loss and irrigation rate.
The course includes calculation examples, and is a preliminary course to the course dealing with irrigation valves

drip irrigation

Drip irrigation

5 lessons 🕙 11 min, Access for 6 months.
The principles of drip irrigation, advantages and disadvantages of the method, the structure of the drip system and maintenance of the drip system for optimal use.


Sprinklers based irrigation system

4 lessons 🕙 9 min, Access for 6 months.
Practical aspects of implementing a sprinkler-based irrigation system, the principle of uniformity of distribution, types of sprinklers, different uses, advantages and disadvantages, and indicators for choosing a sprinkler system

Professional consultation

Training can enrich and direct, but sometimes the challenges in the field require professional advice and guidance, I am here to support you professionally when you need it. The consulting service will take place remotely, using the best experts, regarding the following topics.


Answering an in-depth diagnostic questionnaire along with additional information such as a map and photos will allow us to carry out a detailed planning of the irrigation solutions. After the design is approved, we can provide a list of accessories for purchase. The purchase process can be carried out independently with a local supplier, or with our support.


Data analysis and preparation of a fertilization plan, selection of materials and calculation of amounts of fertilizer components, consulting and guidance regarding the implementation of the fertilization plan in the field.

Water dispersion

We will guide you in performing water dispersion tests in relation to sprinklers . We will analyze the data that will be collected and reported by you. in accordance with the findings we will prepare a recommendation document for improving the water dispersion index.


about the lecturer


Water and irrigation practical engineer, expert in the field of agricultural irrigation, lecturer and entrepreneur. Ownes 40 years of experience in product management and project management in the leading companies in the fiels of agritech, such as - Motorola, Netafim, Valmont, Arkel, Amiad, Supplant and Tavlit, Yaron also served as a lecturer at the Rupin seminary.

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The courses are offered for a nominal fee, with an average cost of $20 per course. We charge usage fees in order to finance the development of the following content

The courses do not include assignments, they are designed to impart knowledge.

Yes, we recognize the fact that sometimes the challenges in the field require personal guidance and the academic content is insufficient, you can contact us for professional advice.

In the first phase, they focused on developing content in Hebrew and English, but we are going to develop the existing content in other languages such as Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

Yes, in the first stage we focused on basic content, we will develop additional content in the near future.


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