Privacy Policy

The irrigation online school is a learning site (hereinafter: “the site” which includes, among other things, courses, a community, a blog, professional consulting and new media environments.

Some of the site’s services may involve registering and providing personal details such as name, address, phone, email address, organizational affiliation and other details as needed and the circumstances of the matter. You are not obliged by law to provide the details and their delivery depends on your consent and free will. However, failure to provide the required details may prevent you from using some of the site’s services as well as impair the ability to contact you, if necessary.

When you use the website, information can be accumulated about you, which includes, among other things, information you provided, offers and content that interested you, data on your use of the website, the payment methods you used, the location of the computer you used to access the website, and more. Said information will be stored in the site’s databases and/or in the databases of its suppliers that may be found in Israel or abroad. Suppliers that are carefully selected and meet accepted industry standards.

The site will be allowed to use the said information as well as any information collected about your usage patterns by tracking the use of the site (including through COOKIES) including for the purpose of improving the services, information and contents and adapting them to your preferences and in any case the use of the details you provided will be subject to the following conditions:

The use of the information will be done in order to improve and enrich the services and content offered on the site as well as to target the services and content, so that they meet your needs. Mainly, the use will be made through statistical information, which does not identify you personally.

The details provided by you may be used to contact you and for future delivery through various channels of information regarding services and products. At any time you can request to stop receiving such information.

Your personal details will not be given to advertisers.

Your details will be transferred to another body, when their transfer is required for the purpose of providing a service that you requested to receive from the website, whether the service is provided by the website or by its partners.

Use for any other purpose will be done according to what is detailed in these terms of use as well as for the purposes to which you give your consent.

At any time you can change and update the details you provided by updating your profile or by contacting the email:

In order to be removed from the list, contact the email [email protected]

Transferring details about you to third parties will:

If you violate the instructions of the terms of use of the site, or perform through the site, or in connection with it, actions that are considered to be against the law or attempt to perform such actions.

If a court order is issued instructing the company to hand over your details or information about you to a third party.

In any dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the site and/or anyone on its behalf.

In any case where the site believes that the delivery of the information is necessary to prevent damage to your body or property, or to the body or property of a third party.

The site will be entitled to transfer your details and the information collected as a result of your use of the sites to related companies, to the extent that the site’s activity is transferred to another corporation following a merger, provided that the use of the information will be made only in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

It is possible that some of the services on the website will be provided through the website’s suppliers, and it is possible that these suppliers collect data about the users of the websites they operate. Please note that the use of such services and social networks is external and separate to the website and subject to the privacy practices of those services. The site’s privacy policy does not apply to the activity of these social networks or to any service operated by a third party.

The website works to secure the information about its users, but there is no absolute certainty that personal information will not be disclosed or stolen. By actually using the site and its services, you confirm that you are aware of and agree to these limitations.

The website may change its privacy policy from time to time. If substantial changes are made to this policy, to the instructions regarding the use of personal information you have provided, a notice will be published on the accepted channels. Your continued use of the site constitutes your agreement to the updated policy.

For any other questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact the site by email: [email protected]

*The policy is worded in the masculine language for convenience only, and it applies in the same way for all genders.

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